So since March I've been on volunteering workin a garden project. I got to go to Ameins on the 19 for 2 days and now we're about to go into a 4 day camping trip to sandringham flower show...

After this, Friday marks the end of it all, nothing to do with the project until next year.  :-3

I'm happy and sad at the same time though.

Also, I've rush out today because a few months back they said they would supply us with tents... And yesturday I found out we're brining our own. Thank goodness there was 1 tent left in the camping shop... I'd be stuck without a tent. Its a Sunday, I go in tomorrow... Yeah, this was pushing it.

Incidently, I'm jus glad to be away from the arguments for the next 4 days on this wikia. This is getting stupid and not since Marchish time last year have we've been in this situation. I feel like I'm getting nothing done as I seem to be spening about 1/4 of my time I dedicate a day to the wikia thinking up replies and responses. I've been coming home from my garden project hot, tired and just wanting to chill on the wikia only to find issues here.

When arguments last more then a week, I get fed up and snappy about them. Mostly because I wasted 6 months on wikipedia back in 2006 trying to explain to editors there about the legacey of a page. 6 friggin' months. This is why I had a boycott on the website. I mean... Arguments are fine I can deal with them, but not when they go on and on without conclusions and circle over and over again. >_<


And now Kim wants to change the use of the word "mascot" to "character"...

I'm so done with the wikia.

Bye guys, I'll see everyone on Friday.

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