So the One Piece wikia has 4 new staff members and are now tackling the process of sorting out the wikias problems (I hope). So this weekend; I'm back to focusing on this wikia. I'm just happy, I left wikipedia with the OP crowd and have been with it since 2006. I was distaught over the crumbling walls, now the walls are being rebuilt, I'm happy. :-3

Things are not going smoothly with my song, some elements didn't work out, theres not much more I can do with the vocals. Its the instrumentals I'm stuck on. Some things didn't fit the song and the creepy song is being thrown out. Oh well, these things happen.

A couple of guys still want the admin at VO forums to seperate the engloids, at a pinch pair them up with their partners (Prima + Tonio, Al + Ann, Leon + Lola). Good luck to that I say. The admin isn't convinced that they warrent them. DESPITE the fact we have 370+ songs in there now. Its not that its not hard to find the song you want, its hard to seperate the Vocaloid singing the song you want. If Sonika and Ann both sang the same song its harder to sort through the topics. ITs beginning to get a headache for those looking up songs (myself included).

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