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Tonio + Prima

Decided to splash out on Tonio and Prima before the offer ends. But that 20% VAT is now here to stay, 10% discount or whatever it has does not compensate for the 20% VAT. Still better now then later. it brings the price up to something like $108 if you live in the UK... So if you live abroad you are lucky enough to get it at its fairer price of $89 or whatever. Thast £10+ on top of the price its advertised at of £56.

Also, as a statement of contrast, Sonika had two zip files whereas Prima + Tonio have 3, theres much more in their voicebanks. Sonika's second zip file was also quite small. There really isn't much to her at all is there? I was just tired of Sonika and wanted Tonio since his release anyway.  :-/

Also, The creepy song has morphed into something else and I need Prima + Tonio's vocals for it. Plus I really wanted to see if Opera Vocaloids were that bad overall. that and it gives me a bit of a insight into Vocaloid 2 + stylistic vocals. The last one I touched was Lola, for Vocaloid 1.

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