This was something that has come as a backlash from wikipedias now large information crammed Vocaloid page. People just can't be bothered to actually read that much text. Its something I note can happen when a page grows too big. Its nice to read all the information they need on something, however, they seem so lazy when presented with an essay length.

It presents a problem because wikipedia is just the introductionary page for vocaloid, you pull it up and get all the basic gests of things. It doesn't go into the depth the wikia does and its not suppose to. ITS job is to be an introduction and rough guide, the wikias job is to grab information and put into one place on as much as it can. Its not trying to be an essay, whereas wikipedia pretty much is.

There is also nearly 190 references on that page, mostly in Japanese though... I said on the talk page, its expected there will be a lot of Japanese references. The wikia has advantages though of it can focus the references across the wikia, wikipedia is confined to one page so its loaded to the brim. Thats a number of hours worth of reading if you want + know Japanese either way; so those with a LOT of time to kill, know where to go.

I'm bringing it up here because just before VO forums went down, someone signed up to the forum who said they liked Vocaloid but didn't actually know what the software is... And the excuse "too much info" was given out. Okay, in a nutshell; its a singing synthesizer application. Thats all you need to know.

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