Had this moment where we cracked open an old pub snooker table that had been sitting in our shed...

What we found;

  • The green cover has tears in it
  • There was a snooker trianle inside it
  • The guy had really adapted it to be a workbench.
  • There was no guts left
  • The 20p slot was full of sculple, standley knive and razor blades
  • there was a 1 pence piece inside it along with a 2 pence piece.
  • There was a semi-expensive/professional microphone inside (my half-brother was given it since he is about to start music college)
  • 3 filing cabinet sleeves
  • 1 plastic comb
  • A buncgh of CDs from folks we've never heard of (except one CD of M.Jackson)
  • One naked woman on a playing card (red suit, don't know number nor if it was diamon or hearts, I didn't look)
  • 1 porn mag.

Okay... Wierd assortment of items the previous owners left for us, the mic is practically brand new, don't know if it works (soon find out when my half-bro tries it out). They were all hidden away in that table, prob. got forgotten when the son who used it for making signs on (hence why it was converted into a workbench) and thus forgotten. I mean the microphone was a treasure in itself (especially if it works... if not, maybe not?). The CDs weren't much good...

The porn mags gone to my half-brother as a form of joke, my mother's BF wants to use it to tease him with it as a sign of "coming of age". ^_^'

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