You know the VY series has had a heck of a time gaining interest in the western Vocaloid fandom, as many have a hard time trying to understand the concept. Even now, VY2 is a Vocaloid that is set up with a male voice and intended to be intrepretated as a male vocaloid, however due to it being avatarless one can make what one wants of it. This is the same we had for Leon and Lola so really itrs not something new.

However, I did a head count earlier. We have whatever PowerFX is up to, Zero-G, Crypton Miku and now Bplats. Together their producing for us in the near future a total of no less then 5 english Voicebanks! This is the most voicebanks we've EVER had coming our way. Excited? Yes. Worried? Yes also.

I said on VO forums, that one of my concerns is that Bplats mentions making improvements to the English voicebanks for VY series, just as they did for the Japanese voicebanks they've produced thus far. Why worry? Because I note that they might do what the Vocalistener product did and only use Luka as a example. No, you can't just base everything on the english capable Vocaloid that is the second most demanding Vocaloid2 of all. Heaven forbid, Bplats, you need to focus on the most notable at the very least, the overall best two are Big Al and Prima.

Also these new Vocaloids are distached from the english fandom, where English speakers NEED to get hold of them and play with them for vital feed backs. Relying on the Japanese fans will only get them so far, as if theres one thing English fans are good at its breaking analysising the voicebanks with a lot of surgery applied. Crypton hardly tells its following on Facebook anything. PowerFX is quiet, but both they and Zero-G have mad emore contact thus far to English Vocaloid fans then Crypton. >_<'

Another concern is that they might end up overshadowing anything the English Vocaloids studios produce, even if they produce crap. Miku's got to overcome the problem Luka has to be better... But biased Vocaloid fans are always going to be biased Vocaloid fans. The software at the very least is getting a overhaul, Bplats is looking at the stuff to improve it...

So far the best English studio overall is PowerFX, though Zero-G produces specialised voicebanks its not the one with the most popular Vocaloid. :-/

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