You know someone at VO forums said VirSyn has some amazing products... Thats pretty much an understatment. Its the sort of thing that makes you go "if only I was richer". They have a lot of neat/cool software thats just out of my reach. Lol.

I still have PMs to answer at VO forums, I woke up with a headache. I would have answered them last night but the day hit me, and today its hitting me even harder. I have aches from all that walking and my feet still feel like concrete. I'll answer them tonight... When hopfully I'll feel better.

The food at Kew Gardens is bad as well. Too expensive and limited in selection. I don't like egg and cress and had to eat it twice. There was virtually no drinks except water. I had a kiddies orange voice carton for lunch to tie over my thirst because thats pretty much the only other thing they had. I wasn't asking for coke, but a little change would be nice. The ice cream van sitting outside had 7up, I begged my dad for a can before we headed home. (note; I can't actually have anything but bitter fizzy drinks these days because sweeter ones like Coke Cola make me feel sick).

I scolded my dad for not bringing anything to munch on the way up there and back.

BTW, not here next weekend. Finally got through to my mother and arranged to see her for the weekend. Leaving friday, arriving home monday. I'm hoping my break from my dad will give me a chance to consider more on my personnel problems at home. Hehee, my dad has to deal with my brother all weekend.

Also, my nursey rhyemes project with Vocaloid... So far; Prima's looking steady on "rock a by baby", Tonio's on "Hush little baby" and Sonika's actually pretty good on "Pop goes the weasel". I haven't found a song that make Big Al sound okay in... :-/

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