I'm not referring to the term coined by CFM originally abotu cloning a singer's voice when I write "vocal clone".

I'm referring to a long term argument within the fandom going on about vocaloids sounding alike.

Every time a new vocaloid comes up, its compared. As annoying as it is, its not always a bad thing, though a lot take it as a bad thing because they are feeling like the new vocaloids have its specialness taking away from it too soon... I guess... I honestly otherwise don't know why people have a issue with it.

Okay so we know no two vocaloids produce identical results unedited, we know they have different strengths and weaknesses. But... I'm not the only one who has said this, but in real life, we have impersonators who mimic famous famous. Singers included. Heck wikipedia has a whole article dedicated to Elvis impersonators. So anyway, if in real life, vocals can sound similar or even alike, then Vocaloid will reflect this too right?

And it does.

And the ones pointing this out are not just the fans... Wat himself compares vocals and notes similarities between them if your pay attention to the CFM tweets.

So why is there a resistance towards this these days int he Vocaloid fandom? Well... We're just running out of room for new "unique" vocals to jump in, thats all. The first time you do a high pitch vocal will have a lot more magic then the second time... Or the third time... Fourth... Etc... Etc... Etc... You get my drift here right?

Of all the things I don't really bother with, vocal comparisons are something I normally pay 5 seconds to and throw at the back of my mind. Its not worth holding it against a vocaloid and not worth judging them by another Vocaloid. Because while a vocal may sound the same, its not going to be the same or produce the same results...

What does everyone think about vocal comparisons? Have you ever listened to a Vocaloid song and thought it was one singer, only to discover its another Vocaloid?  :-/

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