Seriously... Listened to another Big-Al Vocaloid song at Nico Nico Douga... They never take advantage of his superiority at singing nice and deep.

Looks like I'm pretty much better and over that illness that struck me last week. Its back to work this week. The people on-line were the only ones who believed I was ill, my family don't tend to believe your sick until you throw up 5 months of food or are missing an arm (or two).

I'm behind what I was doing, I got odd bits done. I was looking to try and find a better layout for the front page. The attempt I hade failed. Looking at other wikias for ideas. The other Wikia I'm with is about to move... They've had enough of the current wikia crew and removing the template everyone loved was the icing on the cake. Its becoming a common remark; had enough we're out of here.

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