Okay... I'm just leaving this up here... So... apparently a single singer is now a "group". Also... using Vocaloids is kinda stretching it as Vocaloid at its core is a virutal singer, no thrills and no spills, people did animations based on Miku yes, but she didn't begin her life this way. Even then, this list only worrks for Miku if your one of those guys who thinks Vocaloid is a band.

This one puts me on the bench, I like seeing Mojo lists come up but every so often one leaves me with mixed feelings. Because Miku's only qualified "just about" at best. >_<

Then there is list which is fine... EXCEPT WHEN HAS MONSTER HIGH BEEN A DISNEY ANIMATION??? Thats... Universal studio... Who screwed up???

Edit: So... apparently the Japanese fandom suddenly cares about

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