I spent most of today baking cookies and cakes for my mother's christmas day gathering. Its my extra pressies to my family I've thrown in. Got it finished about an hour ago, taken most of the day, hence why no editing. Between waiting for shortbeard and a victoria sponge to do, I didn't have much time. Decorating the cake was fun though. With the exception of the two shortbeard trees that fell apart upon being removed from the baking tin everything went alright. ^_^

My landlady made a mess of her kitch them, we had this little snowman scene on the X-mas cake, she thrw coconut bits ontop for "snow" and thats where most of the mess came from. XD

Guess who cleaned up afterwards... =_=

I'm out tomorrow too, and not back until Boxing day.

Maybe returning to VO wasn't a good thing, they seemed to have picked up my reaction to the Kagamine english and areignoring pretty much everything BUT that. I don't think their paying attention to any of the positive stuff I've said on the upcoming devleopements so far. Kinda why I love the guys here at the wikia. Plus, I feel we have more fun here at times. We DO goof off in the comments at times...

Tonight its ham sandwhiches, no dinner since theres going to be that tomorrow, ah for simple ham sandwhiches, knowing my landlady with cheese. ^_^

We've had three full proper meals this week (all cooked by moi ^o^).

Merry christmas everyone! :-O

Edit: X-mas day edit;

So... When I wrote this I kinda thought I wouldn't be on today at all, but my mother is not picking me up until 10:30ish... Its 9:51... O_o

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