Okay I've come across this time and time again with Vocaloid;

  • A person listens to a Vocaloid and dislikes a Vocaloid. After this, they only seem to regard the Vocaloid as a LQ vocal because they dislike the vocal.

They don't both researching or attempting to understand anything about the voice, they just go by first impression and its how things stay. End of story.

I've seen this happen twice with Avanna and she was ranked the best of what Zero-G produced, with several producers I've seen rank her better then Oliver. Leaving it up to Yohioloid and her duking it out over who is the "best" overall English vocal.

In the reverse, before Miku V3 update we got this with Miku V2, wherein she was ranked the "best" vocal because she was loved too much. Ditto the Kagamine's were the same. I know, my last boyfriend was one of those guys who even argued over it with me and I was already editing here at the wiki then. A lot of this is back to the issue with the ignorance of the fandom due to its overall lack of knowledge, but always, the issue is a "opinion of the indivdual" and their unwillingness to give a vocal a chance.

I think I've discussed this in a blog before, but I just come across yet another person doing ths again in the fandom. So, look, there are vocals I don't like, but I won't completely praise or undervalue something. Even my most hated vocals I find good things to say about. I don't always do it, but I try never to put down a vocaloid completely. I don't think its possible to equally love every Vocaloid, so therefore, I don't expect everyone to automatically love and adore every vocal. But... This isn't a good sign when someone won't accept that just because THEY don't like a vocal, it doesn't mean the vocal is a LQ or "bad" vocal.

How about everyone else feel about this? :-/

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