Next month when I plan to buy Sweet Ann is her birthday month.

This video reminded me this. So I'll be buying her around the 20th... That means I literally have only until then to sort out her vocals. Meanwhile, I've got to write a song for her. So Abandoning my Sonika/Tonio song for a moment to get this ready. And I'll prob. have to upload it to NND to really join in the fun... Which I don't know how to either and have to look that up. >_<'

And I have to sort out screenies containing lyrics because... Well... Its an original song, the lyrics will be foriegn.

And the icing on the cake?

I run out of blank music sheets last week! I didn't buy anymore any sooner because, well, I thought I didn't need any. And my local music sotres either will or will not stock them... It really is a bum that. So next week I'll have to scout all the music stores in my local area and find pray someone has blank music sheets.

I could make my own... But I always make the lines look so dam messy... And I'm old fashioned, I always write by hand first and then in-put into the computer afterwards, I just find it quicker and easiser to plot the notes out first. T_T

This is not going well. Dam you Sweet Ann! >_<


Also... Dam you NND and your obession with THAT FACE. Lol, hahaha! XD

Actually, I admit, I'll be sad to see that face go when it leaves...

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