Spent all afternon worried.

Turns out there is a debit card in my landlady's name as well as credit cards.

It all lies on reciving the credit report next week. We get all answers come when that arrives on what the damage is done to the landlady. Once we have that we can cancel and trace up all her ill-gotten cards and cancel everything with the banks.

My nan's funeral is next week.

My landlady went to bed in tears, new years day and a heck of a load of problems we can't sort out because the police are not around working until next Tuesday. I'm feeling down because I'm stressed. 6 months of calmness, my nan dies and its back to "bundle of nerves".

And for the first I wanted to go back to my old life where not much happened... I was able to focus on wikia editing in... Now I'm just retiring from wikia editing after todays events, as soon as my replacement is sort I'm outof wikia editing permently.

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