So there is some stuff in between but I havesome respect for this post here;

This applies to the situation with any Vocaloid, not just the engloid subject.

You can also say the same thing in the other direction with over priasing (which is a form of bias in favor don't forget) and how people who like a vocaloid will instantly put it forward whenever something nice has to be said about a vocal.

But Nate says here what I've been saying for a long time about a lot of Vocaloids... Even my least favourite Vocaloids are often just because I either don't like the core vocal (Miku's V2 vocal was an example) or have no songs that I like (the Kagamines, the closet to liking their vocal was the song "Baby Bear"). There is no vocal I'd called a complete waste of time, or utter trash. I said back in 2010, Vocaloid itself is a HQ software, so the vocaloids are a HQ set of products before you install them. It comes down to merely the "details" such as audio quality or vocal trait, which determines 1 vocals quality versus another.

And even then... If the producer's skills aren't great, then the vocaloids potential is never brought out.

Casses such as SeeU, sure I can saw based on audio quality versus other vocaloids she is MQ at best, but the thing is as I pointed out the reason why is because until another Korean vocaloid comes along, you have nothing else to base her on. Her Japanese vocal can be judged against other Japanese vocals (and there are better at this point),. but her Korean right now comes down to minor details until we have more to judge her own.

And while praising Maika is nice, I'm TIRED of the bias towards her because how much she is being praised; it seems like Maika can do no wrong at times in some peoples eyes. I said it best in the realism topic response, "just because you can't hear the flaws of Japanese + spanish voclaoids...", because they do exist. With Maika I feel like we're back in 2009 again, with Japanese vocaloids being over praised even at their worst results. :-/

Basically... I hope as V4 goes on, people just take a step back and let go of silly things going on in the fandom. I want to stop seeing people label things as "trash" like English hate, I want people to stop over praising something as though there are no flaws in the product. I want... Baiscally people to stop presumptions based on if they like or dislike something tainting entire sections of the software.

Sure a bad vocal will come along every generation of the engine like Kagamines, Sonika, Galaco (prize)... But the bad isn't the sum of the whole software, and the bad traits not the sum of the whole vocaloid. Even as much as I dislike Sonika's vocal, I admit she is what people in V2 wanted in a vocal type, the poor execution is literally the only thing wrong with her. basically what I'm saying is there is no "useless" vocaloid and no vocaloid that one can't conquer with enoguh time.

Also... I'm glad another post pointed out to "David" that all vocaloids sound emotionless... As I've said, this is why extras vocals like the Appends exist. In fact in my opinion voclaoids are getting "too clean" over time, and slowly any unqiue trait is being reduced to the point of this is why I'm slowly enjoying some of the new ones less and less. I'd rather have a Gumi V2, then a Gumi V3 - native vocal, because V2 is more interesting to talk about. Other then XSY, which is only new as of V4, there isn't much to say in regards to Gumi V3...

Being too Higher Quality is bloody boring.

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