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what every vocaloid looks like

Lined up in their boxes;

For those who have not seen this yet.

Edit: Also, just a note; this is why Lola's box went up in the loft for me and though I brought it down just before I left home, I didn't have room to keep it on my desk... Hence why I put it back up.

I remember when every software you bought came in that same chunky box style. many was storing that stuff hard. My copy of Civ 2 too up the space of 4 DVD covers for example. >_<

And if you ditched the box (which I used to keep the chunky manuals in), the CD case was the same as anything you buy from a record store. Which is nice but the number of times I found "Meatloaf; hits out of hell" in my CD case for "Command and Conquer; Red alert" was crazy...

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