Okay, so I've been a Vocaloid fan for about 2-3 years, and whenever I hear about a new Vocaloid, as always, I look into it. Whenever a present Vocaloid is getting an updated vocal, I look into it. But what really irritates me is that we have all of this hype for a Vocaloid, and we have no information.

Now we've all experienced this before: we're excited for a new Vocaloid or video game or a new season of a very popular anime, and we check the web daily to see if there's any new information. And then we wait and wait and wait and never see any new information until that new product is released. When that happens, we're happy about the product, but we're also irritated by the fact that we weren't informed of this sooner.

That's the deal with V4 in my opinion.

Now we all hear news about Vocaloids that will be updated to V4 such as Kaai Yuki, Hiyama Kiyoteru, the Kagamines, and obviously Miku, and we're also getting new Vocaloids such as Fukase, Ruby, Dex and Diana, Uni, VY4, Stardust(also known as Xingchen), Rana, Unity-chan, and Yuezheng Longya. But the problem with this is that we're getting little to no information about these new Vocaloids and then all of that hype dies down after a certain amount of time with no information.

Now, one example of this would be the development of Kagamine V4X. Last I checked, Crypton was nearly complete with Rin's Power voicebank and was about to work on her Warm voicebank. What really bugs me about this is just that this information was last said in July, and then in August, Kagamine V4X would be delayed to December 2015. Here we are almost in October and we have no new info about them. Hell we don't even have a demo. That just tells me that Crypton isn't doing anything at all with them. I believe they're gonna get delayed again to 2016.

With other Vocaloids, we either just have a confirmed voice provider, or a confirmed design, or in Yuki and Kiyoteru's case, starting over since Yuki's VA has now matured, and Kiyoteru's voicebanks will be created from scratch. But other than that, there are Vocaloids that have a confirmed V4 update and are expected to release late 2015 or early 2016(Rana would be an example of this), or we get no information then find out a Vocaloid would be delayed(*cough cough* Kagamine V4X*)

But iI want to know what others think about this. I'm still irritated about the lack of info on the Kagamines.

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