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December 19, 2013
  • AoharuKale

    Just added Tinplate's Dance...

    I'll add "Spark Girl Syndrome" and "Ruth Band Live" tomorrow. 

    Than, I'll add Masa as a producer. 

    And, after that, I'll start on his songs...

    But, that's tomorrow and then...

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  • AoharuKale

    Should I...

    February 28, 2014 by AoharuKale

    Should I... HinataEW's email to her producer page?

    Also, should I add stuff about the name and translation of the songs on the song pages?


    Here's the working for the song translations:

    HinataEW's works

    アンダワ = Andawa (unsure if it has English Translation)

    ワープアンドワープ = Warp and Warp

    プラスチックケージ = Plastic Cage

    ジベタトラベル = Ground Travel (地べた = Jibeta = Ground)

    ルスバンドライブ (Ruth Band Live)

    ブリキノダンス = Tinplate's Dance (ブリキ = tinplate)

     スパークガールシンドローム (Spark Girl Syndrome)

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  • AoharuKale


    February 28, 2014 by AoharuKale

    Finished adding Hinata Electric Works to the wiki.

    Going to add another producer, then going to add their songs to the wiki.

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  • AoharuKale

    So... yes, need help. And, no, the producer is not on here. I have checked.

    Info: They are active. Active: July 2012 to Present

    Genre: pop, electronica

    P name: N/A

    Labels: N/A

    Producer Info: 

    日向電工 (Hinata Electric Works/HinataEW)

    NND Account:

    NND Mylist:

    NND Tag:




    Songs: (According to her/his Mylist)


    Original Song: アンダワ (Andawa)

    Singer: Hatsune Miku 

    Date: July 9th, 2012


    Original Song: ワープアンドワープ (Warp and Warp)

    Singer: Hatsune…

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  • AoharuKale


    February 18, 2014 by AoharuKale

    Why are you eating my posts, Wiki?

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