I created a tumblr to roleplay as Oliver. And with that, I discovered many new Vocaloid-related tumblrs also. With that, I also discovered many... surprising... things.

So here's the thing: I was there, no one online to roleplay, everything was boring, I was checking Oliver tag on there. Then, reminded that I had to check if one of the Vocaloid RP masterlists had been updated, because I asked one or two things and was pretty interested in joining. (They didn't answer, but I'm not interested anymore already) Anyway that is not the point.

Then I saw a blog of Neru roleplay in the masterlist and decided to check it. The first ask in the page were

"Is Neru your favorite Vocaloid? She is mine!"

"Yes, she is!"


Naturally, checked the tumblr of the asker. In the sidebar:

"Hi I love Vocaloid Neru's my fav and I'll mostly be posting Vocaloid pics (mainly neru) but also some anime and manga cos I like them hope you like my blog"

Automatically closed the tab and decided to check more RP blogs. Found Len. This time it was better and correct, although I laughed at the girl's About Me:

"I am a girl, 13 years old

I am a terrible roleplayer

I don't accept obscene Magic!Anons

I loooooooooooooooooooooove Len so much *-*"

That was all her about.



Also discovered some... ships. I didn't knew people actually shipped Human!James/Oliver. Or Yukari/Oliver. Or Mew/Rion. Mayu/Galaco seems to be their favorite.

Okay I'm pretty scared of the blogs I saw. There was even one person claiming that Engloids are not Vocaloids. Other said that UTAU, Vocaloid, Voyakiloid, Macloids, etc were all the same things.

To say the least, this new blog will be fun. And will led me to even funnier blogs.

what did i do with my life

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