I've recently found out about Rion's update to V4, new Vocaloid Yumemi Nemu, and voice provider Nemu Yumemi. And I've gotta say, I'm not too happy.

While I do like that an unloved Vocaloid like Rion is getting an update, I don't like how they completely changed her design. I'm okay if you change the outfit, and I'm okay if they change the hairstyle. They did both when they updated flower, and you could still tell it was flower. But with Rion, we go from purple hair to light orange and purple eyes to blue. If you showed me her new design without telling me it was a Rion update, I would have thought that it was an entirely new Vocaloid, and then I would've probably slapped you when you told me it was Tone Rion.

As for the upcoming Yumemi Nemu, I don't have much to say. Except for the fact that Nemu and Rion share a voice provider.

Isn't the point of Vocaloid to act as a replacement for a human singer, and provide different vocals to suit different needs and roles? Then why are you having two seperate Vocaloids be voiced by the same woman?

Yes, I know that Rin and Len were voiced by the same person. But that was sort of their ... gimmick, we'll say, and Asami definitely made Len sound very different from Rin. But comparing Nemu's demo to Rion samples I've heard in the past, I don't hear much of a difference.

Although this post was mostly to rant, I feel I had to get it out there.

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