I was cheated out of amazing cartoons.

I'm 13, and being born in 1999, I got to see few of the awesome 90s cartoons (the only ones I really remember are Rugrats. And Spongebob before it sucked. And The Powerpuff Girls. And My Life as A Teenage Robot. You get the idea.). 

I'm just discovering Animaniacs now.

WHY THE HELL DO CARTOONS SUCK NOW!? I've only seen a few episodes and clips of Animaniacs, and I love it. I love the slapstick humor, and I'm old enough (due to the internet and what songs are saying these days (which was adressed in the song Bitch Bad by Lupe Fiasco)) to get most of the dirty jokes they say (I have no idea how the "finger prince" joke made it past the censors, but I'm glad it did). And Pinky and The Brain is awesome. And Yakko Warner is now officially my favorite thing ever.

I've also seen and loved other awesome cartoons like Looney Tunes (the original, not the crap Cartoon Network is putting out now), Ren and Stimpy, Rocky and Bullwinkle (I think that was on before my dad was born...), Batman: The Animated Series (I will forever love you for creating Harley Quinn),etc.

Now, granted there are some awesome cartoons that I love from my generation, like Billy and Mandy. Despite the pleads or bringing it back, I think the show would have overstayed its welcome by now. But still, AT LEAST HAVE SOME RERUNS. And I liked Teen Titans. I'm happy we're getting Teen Titans Go!, but its just gonna be dark, slade-induced, overall awesomeness of the show.

Oh cartoons...where did you go?

And more importantly...........why was I born a generation late?

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