I went to a Muse concert yesterday. 

It was my first concert.

And it was amazing.

I WAS RIGHT THERE. Well, not really. We were on the floor (seats are for chumps). I wasn't close enough to touch Matt's hand during Undisclosed Desires (I didn't think they were going to play that one, it was a very pleasent surprise), but me and my dad were around 10 meters away from him most of the time, and when he went onto the giant pedestal thing (I don't know what to call it), which was a lot, we were around 3. I was in FULL fangirl mode. AND CHRIS SANG LIQUID STATE!!! I was hoping that he would sing Save Me, but I like Liquid State too. And during one of the songs (I forget which one) Dom was on the gigantic LED pyramid playing the drums and doing karate.

And I locked eyes with Matt twice it was amazing!!!! :D

I knew most of the songs, except two from their first album, which I don't have (I'm goning to buy it at some point, ht songs they played were good). And I think I like Animals live more than on the album lol.

I'm 13, and I haven't had many GOOD nights, but I can honestly say that it was the best night of my life (so far). Next time they have a concert in CT, I am definitley going!!!

Oh, and the opening band was awesome too, their called Circa Survive. Look them up!

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