Yesterday, my friend and I were disscussing which prododucer we thought had the best tuning for each different Vocaloid that we listen to frequently, so these are my answers

Miku - Either Kikuo or 40meter-P

Rin - either Junky or Toraboruta-P

Len - Nem

Luka - I said Dixie Flatline, she said CircusP

Gumi - I said Kemu, she said DECO*27

Gakupo - either Natsu-P or Mothy

Lily - Sele-P

Miki - We didn't get to her, but I think either CircusP or Itachima-P

IA - Jin

And I like the way cosMo tunes every vocaloid, So yeah

And that's all the ones we got to until the bell rang XD

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