I know that none of you know me or have seen my face, and that I don't have to go back to school until August 29th,

But I need to say this.

Because I have not ranted enough about it this year.

I have blonde hair. Curly blonde hair. That people love.

And squeal over.

And are jealous of.

And touch.

And occasionally smell.

Does anybody else no how FRICKIN ANNOYING IT IS to have someone start playing with your hair when you're trying to do some random thing in class? Probably not. About 90% of the girls in my year (and Aidan, but you don't know who he is) have touched my hair. Once upon a time in science, I'm reading. And Debra (who you also don't know) smells my hair.

They invade my personal space. Every day.

I can't wear my hair down because they touch it too much. SO I keep it in a ponytail. Which I hate.

So, yeah.

Random rant about my hair is random.

And it's 2:30 AM so I am going to sleep now.

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