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    Decorator EP

    June 13, 2014 by Axlsandoval

    What hasnt been said of this ALbum, its new it fresh and one of it songs got to Project Diva F2nd so that means its awsome, and ill its true BUT its only negative I have seen on it is that one song that feels REAALLY out of place that is "Andante" this being one of my Favorite albums from Livetune this to me has been the weirdest song i heard from them... With Redial but i do like that one...

    Well now since that out the way, the rest of the songs Decorator: If you have Played F2nd you know what to expect; Packaged(Remastered/2013 Remix): Its Packaged you know and love just more Electronic beat to it; Connection: The real and Legit first time I hear Miku speak English and making a Glorious song come to my ears; Pink or Black: Make Miku repea…

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