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    I'm sorry I just finished my WIP OFFICIALLY TODAY ;n;

    It was a hell work (Japanese classes pay off hell yeah). But I'm done.

    I also noticed something. Bout this wiki.

    It's missing something. You know, at this time around last year. Everything was just starting. Song pages for Japanese and English vocaloid songs an producers, their albums,  and the VocaloidLyrics Wikia. How I missed those times.

    And then K4-san and hope-san had to deal with other real life matters. And I followed their footsteps.

    When I see SeeU has her own Song page, well there's some problems with that they want to put Crecrew URL, I felt that I want to help, but you know. I FEEL SO AWKWARD HERE ;n;

    Aaah,this maybe some expressing feelings post. But I really missed the times. 


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    OMG I left this place for nearly a year and looked what changed :3

    AND, I promise I'll work on the end-year holidays. PROMISE.

    It's just that... every holiday I get... there's damn homework... PBS D: (I think some people near Malaysia knows what PBS. And yes, I just entered secondary school.)

    So.. I've seen the wiki and maigush.

    So many changes. *feeling guilty now*

    So yeah, 2 more weeks of school and freedom :D

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    -Ignore Title Of Blog, Please :)-

    Ok. Now, I wanna remade this. I made it last year, and finally found it.

    1. If you add a page, PLEASE, at the least, add a WIP template. I'll have a look at it. Don't worry. ;)
    2. Lyrics are align to THE LEFT. Repeat, the left.
    3. For NOW, I'm focusing on known producers to introduce the English Vocaloids to baka's who think Miku is Vocaloid.
    4. 4 rows of lyrics per
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    I'm slow. Ain't I?

    So, happy new year guys!!! Yeah, I know I'm 17 hours late. Orz. Anywho, I'm gonna go to boarding school (On the 4th, thanks mom.) So yeah... I'm gonna be 14..... OLD. XD. I'm still 13 though. I'm 14 on Feb.

    So about the pilihan raya thingy... I'm not voting. At my village I thought how I was responding to this. (Hngg... that was some time thinking.) I heard my parents talk bout when I can go home. And I heard I could go home ONCE per month =.=... But I could go out once per two weeks. (Buying stuff, or secretly go to CC/ slapped).

    So... yeah, I'm crying yet laughin. Im gonna miss you guys. *makes cute face*. See ya on some time in the 12 months. (I'm thinking of going home on 26 For February :P)

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    December 29, 2011 by BackUp:YumiNakamine

    A few months ago, I asked Bunai sama :

    • What makes you a producer? It's been making me wondering for a long time.

    She kinda replied it long. (And I'mah lazy person to copy it). Ok, fine I'll add it.

    "Because my view is, anything you actually put effort into doing, even if it is a cover. And that actually sounds good. 'Giuseppe' for example, may not produce original songs but he certainly is skilled with each Vocaloid he uses, and has done full cover works. He also helps the community by giving tips. When a newbie makes original or cover songs but has yet to really show they can handle the program and thus half of the songs sound just...well... bad, then I don't think a page is necessary. And at least having more than one song would be somethin…

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