So you remember me able to edit stuff nearly everyday? Well, I think I can't do that anymore:

  • The results of my BIG exam is the 17 November, 1 day before the school holidays. I might be busy transfering schools.
  • I have another exam on the first school holidays.
  • I'm on a school trip tonight till Sunday. (Malaysia time)
  • School works are getting a lot. :(

So, if I might not be able to use the Internet, I just wanna say:

  • K4KING san- Watch over the English song pages in your free time.
  • Esperancia san- Sorry if I hurt you're feeling and been a pain in the neck.
  • Bunai82 sama- i hope you finally got the debate done :)

For those who are going to edit the English Song Pages:

  • Do.Not.Add.Pages.Till.The.Ones.Are.Done. Hear that?
  • Add pictures from original Videos, Not PV's (I learned that the hard way)
  • All derivative works are the best among the works. Don't self promote. (In case you made a cover of the song)
  • Lyrics first. I'm trying to finish that part.

I'll try my best to keep active.

P/S: Could someone watch over the Malaysian UTAU wiki? That's one of my greatests things I care about.

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