I'm slow. Ain't I?

So, happy new year guys!!! Yeah, I know I'm 17 hours late. Orz. Anywho, I'm gonna go to boarding school (On the 4th, thanks mom.) So yeah... I'm gonna be 14..... OLD. XD. I'm still 13 though. I'm 14 on Feb.

So about the pilihan raya thingy... I'm not voting. At my village I thought how I was responding to this. (Hngg... that was some time thinking.) I heard my parents talk bout when I can go home. And I heard I could go home ONCE per month =.=... But I could go out once per two weeks. (Buying stuff, or secretly go to CC/ slapped).

So... yeah, I'm crying yet laughin. Im gonna miss you guys. *makes cute face*. See ya on some time in the 12 months. (I'm thinking of going home on 26 For February :P)

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