A few months ago, I asked Bunai sama :

  • What makes you a producer? It's been making me wondering for a long time.

She kinda replied it long. (And I'mah lazy person to copy it). Ok, fine I'll add it.

"Because my view is, anything you actually put effort into doing, even if it is a cover. And that actually sounds good. 'Giuseppe' for example, may not produce original songs but he certainly is skilled with each Vocaloid he uses, and has done full cover works. He also helps the community by giving tips. When a newbie makes original or cover songs but has yet to really show they can handle the program and thus half of the songs sound just...well... bad, then I don't think a page is necessary. And at least having more than one song would be something to go for, the guy who made an original Sonika song can clearly handle the Vocaloid program as well as produce original tunes, but a lack of another song is making me hesitant to create a page for him. There are also producers that create CD albums, but never post (or at least one) their work online. Giving them a page would at least get them attention."

So, I have finally decided to discuss this before I dissapear.

What seriously makes a person earn the tittle Producer? Is it:

A. You proclaim yourself one. (Don't blame me, I've saw tons)
B. The fans gave you one. (The producer name. FUN FACT: The producers in this have never expected them to be producers)
C. You cover was good and it was here now I'm "forced" to make you one. (In Songs Feauturing English Vocaloids Page. You know, the red links =.=)
D. You really are Producer Quality. (As in, well good use of Vocaloid)
E. You made a original song.

You must vote at least one answer (or add one)

I don't really mind if you proclaim as one. The thing that makes a bit hot-tempered is:

  • You claim as one, YET your covers aren't really good or what I call, beautiful. (I have seen one, but I kinda forgot where I saw it.) Seriously, GOOD covers are covers with on time, covers which is suppose to be on pitch (fit the Optimun Pitch, unless the song really needs to affect the pitch)
  • You are a producer, yet you're attitude..... Yeah, I saw this once, one of Vocaloid Translators posted a video about his/her absences due to this. I don't blame if you have real life problem, but do you have to act like a jerk?
  • Come on, you upload a beautiful original, then stop? Come on, get me more work will ya? No, really. This happens rare, but it exists.
  • Most producers that I saw suddenly "came" utilizes the V3's or to be exact: Oliver & SeeU. Come on, can't you wait till the others release? Or buy the others? D: *is waiting for Yukari & Tone covers for some time now*

This are my views and a bit umm.... luahan? If you kinda disagree or want to well, cure me from the hate for this, comment.

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