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I bought some novels related to VOCALOID! XD

I bought some novels related to VOCALOID original songs a few weeks ago. The novels were translated and published in Korean. (additionally, I'm a Korean.)

Tooooo few official Korean translation of novels. :( ...but I'm HAPPY!!

In former times, Korean translation of VOCALOID novels were published not once. How ever "Bookmark of Demise" was published in September 10th, 2013, by Korean publisher "J Novel" (제이노블) for the first time! and "Kagerou Daze" was published in February 10th, 2014, by another publisher, "L Novel" (L노벨).

And "Daughter of Evil", "Mikagura School Suite", "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku", "Rin-chan Now!"...... were published recently!!! :@

I took some photos.

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