A girl with a red shirt, red skirt and black boots walked down the sidewalk. As she came to the bench as she always does when she walks home but usually it's empty, but this time, it's not. A girl with long turquoise ponytails sat there, helpless. "Miku!" The girl said. Meiko, what was the name of the girl who was walking home said "Come with me. You'll be safe with me." The girl got up and followed Meiko to her home. As Meiko opened the door she told The girl this was her home. The girl smiled. "Anyway, I didn't catch your name. What is it?" Meiko asked. "Miku!" Miku yelled. Meiko smiled. "Follow me." Meiko said. So Miku did as she was told. "Watch this." Meiko said, as she turned on her CD player and as Miku sat down on Meiko's couch. Miku appeared on screen, singing on stage. She smiled. "This is you, Hatsune Miku." Meiko says. "Miku Miku Miku Miku?" Miku asked. "Sorry, don't understand your language." Meiko said. "Miku Miku Miku." Miku said smiling. Meiko frowned. "Hey you want your clothes changed, Miku?" Meiko asked. Miku shook her head "!0" but Meiko didn't see Miku do that. So she and Meiko went into her bedroom. "Miku, get undressed." Meiko said. Miku shook her head "!0" again. But Meiko still didn't see. "Get undressed, Miku." Meiko said, furious. "!0." Miku said. "0)." Meiko said. "4)3' I'll undress you." So Meiko did surely undress Miku and change her clothes. Miku didn't like her new clothes so in the middle of the night, when Meiko was sleeping, Miku got up and put her original outfit on.

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