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  • I live in Loch Ness
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Being extinct
  • I am a Dinosaur
  • Bluemask

    I'm not really an avid anime-viewer but Tokyo Ghoul really caught my attention. Not my cup of tea but it's something you'd really like to see the story progress. Too bad, the censorship is totally ruining the gore-fest within the anime... I still like it nonetheless.

    So because I'm so in love with the OP theme, I tried singing it. It's a really awesome song and so addictive like, really.

    I recommend this anime. Ofc for those who aren't weak of the heart lol.

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  • Bluemask

    MMD Cup 13

    July 19, 2014 by Bluemask

    It's that time of the year.. again. Though, instead of sulking like last season, I'm really looking forward to it! Most of the PV teasers I've seen looks promising :D

    So far, here are some of them I'm looking forward to (NND links):

    • Clarity
    • WAVE
    • Mekakucity Parody
    • Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
    • Yoshiwara Lament
    • and probably some Touhou Battle MMDs lol. 
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  • Bluemask

    Real Job

    July 17, 2014 by Bluemask

    So... an HR manager from a certain company I'm applying to called me and asked if I can take an exam. If I passed it, I'll be going through an interview which would possibly land to a "Real Job" ._.  

    Thing is, if that happens, I guess my editing activies are over would drastically lessen. Noo... My favorite past time. I'll still try and do the best in adding song articles and whatnots :P .

    The exam is tomorrow. I hope luck is on my side >.<

    Oh and it's bad to talk ahead of time. Though, I still look forward to having a job offer.. oh wellz.

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  • Bluemask

    I'm supposed to be studying right now but what am I doing... I mean, that's so boring so I just sang something instead.

    Tried singing Love is an Open Door from that movie Frozen... it got stuck in my head really. (I'm need to be ashamed of my taste...)

    I got the female part from Youtube... since I don't have anyone to sing with me >.

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  • Bluemask

    So I'm not really the like to share anything on Facebook that much. I'm more of a listener than a speaker, which I think is somewhat of a bad thing :P. 

    But anyways, there are these friends who share amazing stuff such as their creations (artworks), singing and even just regular selfie shots which are really cool (by cool, I mean no duck face, just good-looking people). Though I'm not really close to some of these and liking it makes me think they'd be creeped out if I'm the one who likes it first.... so, I wait until a few people say, like 3 or more before I like a post.. It's weird really. I dunno, I just hope I just lose this mentality already so I can be more comfortable >.<

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