This is a duplication of my ramble on tumblr, so I might not reply much if anyone comments. I just think it is suiting for here since I don't use the Blog feature much.

First entry

As of now the current count for commercially released voicebanks that are of female vocalists is 32 (Thirty Two). The current count for voicebanks that are of male vocalists is 15 (Fifteen).

I did not include the VY series, which is said to be avatarless (with no particular gender), and also VOCALOIDs that are not officially released to the public or are currently just concepts/developments.


Either way the amount of female Vbs that continue to be released (and are mainly Japanese) is increasing which is eclipsing and, in my opinion, shrinking the possibility of a company releasing more male Vbs to balance it out. It’s becoming more obvious that female Vbs are the ‘safe route’. However, to me, this is also effecting chances of future Vbs standing out if companies don’t consider the type of range a vocalists can achieve and also gathering feedback to see what musicians (who are interested in VOCALOID) are looking for.

Second entry in reply

Zola Project

Have you heard them?

Well, I’ve read this somewhere:

I’ve read complaints about YAMAHA and CRYPTON not making enough Male vocaloids out there and too much female vocaloids out there… and I’ve read that it’s because even though male vocaloids have lots of fans, they don’t make enough money like female vocaloids do so that’s why they make female ones.

Tell me what you think about why Vocaloid makers create more female than male.

— yuuzuki-loves-anime-and-vocaloid

I think back in 2008 to 10’ this would be consider true, but as of now we are in full V3 era. I think it’s time for the companies to stop using this as an excuse not to even attempt creating male Vbs. Because, in opinion, the more female Vbs are released the less unique they are getting. Hatsune Miku is never going to lose her throne, so companies should stop trying to aim for that and just aim at getting a Vocaloid with an interesting and flexible range.

Another reasons is that Otaku and Fans make a large part of the Vocaloid market and if there is one thing they like to do is collect, so collecting female characters is a given (they’re cute; the end). You can say this was put to the test when the VY series was released, they lack avatars but their voices are great. And apparently they had to have sold well enough to receive an update.

I have noticed that some fans seem to be getting fatigued with the amount of Vbs being released because it appears no thought is put into them. Only that putting an avatar on the box will be enticing enough. However, this has back fired with Vocaloids such as Tone Rion, CUL, and SeeU. And now it seems anon / kanon are getting the smug treatment too. There are a lot of current producers, but there doesn’t seem to be any new ones flooding in on East or Western side, and if the current producers ‘go to’ Vbs are Miku and Rin, then anything else is out of luck.

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