tumblr entry in response to Porter Robinson, "Sad Machine". Coupled with Lady Gaga taking interest in Hatsune Miku.

If VOCALOID keeps getting more attention I wonder if it means more musicians will be interested in the technology. Since that was the original intention of the product to begin with. And with more funding even the smallest audio company will have a chance at creating stand out voice bank.

So I hope more producers see voice banks like AVANNA as a good English VOCALOID and asset for their music. I believe Zero-G and PowerFX deserve more credit for their contribution to the technology; both times they were the first to release a VOCALOID product for two engine generations. And then you have Voctro Labs, who has the very man that was hired to build YAMAHAs synthesized vocal line.

I know each fandom has their own elitist mindset, but they shouldn’t be afraid of VOCALOID becoming more know to the World. Because beside it being something that YAMAHA is pushing for, it could lead to more development with this type of technology. Then who knows, maybe UTAU will just be a casual thing to chat about when talking about the latest hits.

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