First with Big Al's voice provider (proving why some VPs are not revealed) and recently with this Mex/Jpn UTAU, Mitsuko Arisa.
Besides the awkward harassment and threats from the team rep, I really don't care what the character is. I never had a problem with her, I just found the whole situation funny.
The rep is now harassing the UTAU wiki, with the same passive aggressive way of typing, even in their native language. There is no page about this character on UTAU, so if they simply want an entry removed then they really need to come off as more approachable. When the page was on Vocaloid wiki it was to provide history and contribute to how some people can take the name of VOCALOID for their own purposes without further thinking of consequences.

Anyway, if Mitsuko Arisa is becoming a success with Mexican VOCALOID / UTAU fans then good speed and all that. It shows that UTAU can go head to head with VOCALOID. Which leads me back to the whole Kitano Kamui thing, I say she would be just as successful if she became a UTAU voice bank, just catapult the software into the mainstream.

I wonder what will happen on this wiki next, we already have on going problems and half of that is not even about pages, just simply about other users. Seriously, ya' get a bunch of girls together and it is like acid corrosion in real time.

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