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    Tonio please forgive me

    January 30, 2016 by CaiyinMusic

    So Misos started a "Tonio sitting among watermelons" thing on Google+ and I just couldn't resist myself-

    Someone take away my editing skills before this gets out of hand

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  • CaiyinMusic

    Okay this is kind of a dump post because I just want to hear people's opinions...

    So there was a commentor on one of my posts on Google+ who was confused about which Vocaloid is considered the "first" androgynous Vocaloid. 

    I'm pretty sure Flower is the first one to be advertised as androgynous but then another user brought up the point that YANHE also has an androgynous voice and was released two years before flower. 

    That kinda sparked a small confusion debate with someone adding that Iroha is also technically a ryouseirui Vocaloid.... What are your thoughts? Now I'm a bit muddled with who can be considered to be the "first" androgynous voice,,,,

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    Problem with BiliBili?

    October 28, 2015 by CaiyinMusic

    I'm not sure if anyone else who looks at BiliBili is getting this problem, but when I try and watch videos it gives me an error message in the video.... I can't read (or understand that well because it sounds like a poorly made UTAU speaking) it clearly but I think it's along the lines of: "This video cannot be viewed at this time" and something about the uploader.... 

    Does anyone know what's happening? o.O I need to get back to knocking some songs off Mistery's To-Do List.... 

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    I wasn't really sure whether to put this on the forum or as a blog post, but since this is my opinion, I might as well put it as a blog... 

    I've just gotten back my PC, so I can FINALLY come back and be a little more active on here. Recently, I saw Mistery's edit for Ling's popularity in the Western fandom: "Most of the Western fandom also responded very well in reaction to her voicebank, while some claim she sounds similar or too close to Tianyi."

    While I do agree that Ling and Tianyi's voices have some similarities, I think that Ling's voice is pretty original, especially when you consider that the similarities might have been intentional (so that Tianyi and Ling can harmonize well, since they will probably be used in A LOT of duets). 


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    So, I've been watching her views for songs and also the number of songs out there, and although she's nowhere as popular as Tianyi or even YANHE, I think that for the most part she's been doing pretty decently. 

    Excluding her first two demo songs, that were bound to recieve a lot of views anyway because of the producers, most of her songs have a decent number of views despite the competition with Xia Yu Yao and also the fact that she can only be obtained in Taiwan. 

    Personally, I think she's by far the best Chinese Vocaloid I've heard in terms of clarity and pronunciation despite her Taiwanese accent, and also because of how she can sing various genres. Her design isn't as "busy" as Tianyi's or as simple as YANHE's (although I love both of t…

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