So, I've been watching her views for songs and also the number of songs out there, and although she's nowhere as popular as Tianyi or even YANHE, I think that for the most part she's been doing pretty decently. 

Excluding her first two demo songs, that were bound to recieve a lot of views anyway because of the producers, most of her songs have a decent number of views despite the competition with Xia Yu Yao and also the fact that she can only be obtained in Taiwan. 

Personally, I think she's by far the best Chinese Vocaloid I've heard in terms of clarity and pronunciation despite her Taiwanese accent, and also because of how she can sing various genres. Her design isn't as "busy" as Tianyi's or as simple as YANHE's (although I love both of their designs), and the thing with her dress over a Taiwanese high school uniform was pretty cool to me, not to mention her rather rad beret. 

She's been released for about four months now, and although the wiki says there are 22 original songs featuring Xin Hua, I know for a fact she has more, it's just that Mistery hasn't made song pages for them yet. 

And I can't help with song pages no matter how hard I wish I could. TT^TT Sorry Mistery...

Through all that, I was wondering if anyone else thinks that overall, Xin Hua so far has achieved decent status in the Vocaloid community. I wouldn't go so far as to say she's popular, but I think she's definitely had decent support and usage as of now. 

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