I wasn't really sure whether to put this on the forum or as a blog post, but since this is my opinion, I might as well put it as a blog... 

I've just gotten back my PC, so I can FINALLY come back and be a little more active on here. Recently, I saw Mistery's edit for Ling's popularity in the Western fandom: "Most of the Western fandom also responded very well in reaction to her voicebank, while some claim she sounds similar or too close to Tianyi."

While I do agree that Ling and Tianyi's voices have some similarities, I think that Ling's voice is pretty original, especially when you consider that the similarities might have been intentional (so that Tianyi and Ling can harmonize well, since they will probably be used in A LOT of duets). 

It's feminine and cute, but has a kind of boyish/feisty undercurrent to it. Based on her demo, I feel like her voicebank will also be a versatile VB (like Xin Hua). 

So I guess that Ling is kinda suffering the same thing as Xin Hua; complaints about being similar to Tianyi. 

But honestly, I don't think that will affect her that much; she was already a HUGELY popular VOCANESE character, plus Qi Inory has a pretty solid fanbase as a singer (I don't want to say Utaite because she sings mostly on Bilibili, but in concept of the term, she is considered an Utaite to me). 

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