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  • Chahaya

    Vocaloid Series

    November 1, 2012 by Chahaya

    Soo, I was wondering which song series I like the most.

    But if I simply list my top six number of the beast, yo favorite series, it'd look like:


    1. Kagerou Project

    1. No wait Pandora Voxx

    1. Ahh I mean the Bookmark of Demise Project

    2. Evilious Chronicle

    3. ACUTE/ReACT b/c that's totally a series

    3. Bad ∞ End ∞ Night / Crazy∞nighT


    Well I have no idea.

    So instead of trying to figure out whether KagePro or Pandora Voxx or etc. is better, I did a thing


    KagePro- 2 (Jin's tuning uuugggh)

    EvilChron- 3

    ACUTE/ReACT- 4

    BEN/CT- 3

    Pandora Voxx- 5

    BoD- 5


    KagePro- 5 (Those red eyes...)

    EvilChron- 3

    ACUTE/ReACT- 3

    BEN/CT- 4

    Pandora Voxx- 5 (Kemu do MORE)

    BoD- 5


    KagePro- 5 (Ahh an anime yay)

    EvilChron- 5

    ACUTE/ReACT- 0 (awww)

    BEN/CT- 0 (awww)

    Pandora Voxx- 3

    BoD- 4 


    And so


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  • Chahaya

    Vocaloid on the Mainpage

    October 19, 2012 by Chahaya

    The Vocaloid Wikia preview on the Wikia main page looks really... urgh-y.

    ... Yeah. Just Miku, Hachune, Meiko, and Rin.

    It really doesn't give you the whole sense of Vocaloid, does it?

    I think the cover of the ickyucky Vocaloid album YAMAHA made last year would be better. Just my opinion.

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  • Chahaya

    FaceBook RPer

    September 22, 2012 by Chahaya

    So apperently someone made a FaceBook account with my name on it.


    Uh, yeah, I don't use FaceBook because I do not really like social networking that much.

    But I know this rper is in my advisory because they posted a pic of me in advisory.

    Which bings me to the three things wrong with the picture:

    1) How would I take a pic of myself five desks away while I'm sitting there doing homework

    2) If I had let my friend use my iPod (aha I have no phone either) to take a picture of me (which would have been difficult because I was using it as a calculator) why would I have upped it to fb?

    3) I don't like posting my picture online. Only drawings

    Okay rant done time to stalk

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  • Chahaya

    Random Vocaloid-Related Stuff

    September 20, 2012 by Chahaya

    I just remembered that last year I saw something kewl.

    I was on the bus home from school, and as we passed a plaza, and in the parking lot, there was a car with Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka on it. It was super awesome *squeee*~

    Anyone know what it was?

    Also I got Minecraft. I remembered that comment Angel made about people using her Voiceroid when doing Minecraft commentaries, so I got a Yukari skin X3

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  • Chahaya

    Vocaloid Franchise

    September 14, 2012 by Chahaya

    Not much Vocaloid franchise in Houston. How sad. The only Vocaloid products I've seen are the Miku and Rin & Len shirts at Hot Topic. And now I think they stopped selling them because I looked in Memorial City and Katy Mills and they aren't there :\

    Now, Indonesia is a different story. Tons of Vocaloid figurines. I got a Miku HMO Nendo at a mall in Jarkata. In another mall, I saw HMO again, along with shitloads of other Nendoroids (my sister got a Luka Nendo, and I have to say it was quite KAWAII-DESU) and Figmas.

    Of course, since I was in Indonesia there was a lot of CDs of Miku's concerts that may or may not have been stolen :P. But at least the Nendo's weren't bootleg, because HMO was like 50 freaking dollars and my mom had to lend me money…

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