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Chahaya September 9, 2012 User blog:Chahaya

My favorite songs for every Japanese Vocaloid (because I am a butthead who doesn't listen to songs of the English language haha).

MEIKO: Yomi Zakura because Hinayukki is amazing

KAITO: Judgement of Corruption because of hammers

Hatsune Miku: Either I've Found it, a Way to Become Happy Forever because of crazy married loli girls, or Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky because it's just so pretty, or OR Alice because I ove Miku's slightly raspy voice in it and the music is so soothing

Kagamine Rin: One of Repetition because the music and the voice sound amazing together, even better than in Miku's version, IMHO

Kagamine Len: Fire◎Flower because I the only Len songs I know are this and Spice! and, well, you know

Kagamine Duet: Hello Again because the music is so simple (BTW I'm still trying to decide whether I like the original or theappend cover better because of Serious!Len's weird voice)

Kamui Gakupo: Madness of Duke Venomania because the tune is sanzzy and I don't know any other Gakupo songs

Megurine Luka: Either Magician's Operation because EZFG is a BAWS who made non-muffly a Luka song with a cool hand PV, or Answer because Dixie is also a BAWS and look how much he improved from JBF I mean lisen to those smexy breathsssss HNNNNG

GUMI: Either Gensou Uta because of Faye's amazing classical pop, or Green Straight because of pretty music and raspy Gumi voice, OR Life Cheating Game because it's a fast paced, Mirai Nikki-like, ADVENTURE

SF-A2 miki: Zero Gravity because of Miki's deeper voice and her adowable "it'z jest rike seero glaavitie"

Kaai Yuki: Kyouka*99 because of childish innocence and the end of the world

Himiya Kiyoteru: What are Kiyoteru songs ahhh If you aren't here, because Peperon-P's amazing use of him

Lily: Chole-MxL BLOOD SIDE because I love both Chole and Marie Luise and sorta just spazzed out when I heard them both mashed up together

VY1: Cyber Thunder Cider because DANCING STICK MAAAAAN it's so cool how EZFG made her voice blend into the instrumental

Ryuto: I don't know any Ryuto songs. AT ALL TT-TT

Nekomura Iroha: Either HEART because of CLASSICAL POP AGAIN YAY or Pink Diva because of snazzy music and breaths and VIBRATO OMG VIBRATOOOOO

Utatane Piko: The First War Against Myself because I really like the not-shota-but-still-a-teen range that Honeyworks use with him

VY2: A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years because even though I don't really like Manbou-something-something-P's songs too much because of flatness, this one was exceptionally adorable

MEW: Stella because again, Dixie Flatline is a BAWS and I love the music

Tone Rion: She's even less popular then Ryuto, so... yeah...

CUL: FREYJA.sys because of wonderful tuning and wonderful breaths

Yuzuki Yukari: harukaze because the music and the voice go together really well

IA: A Story of Six Trillion Years and One Night because Kemu can be a BAWS too

Aoki Lapis: Song of Life to Paradise because of excellent tuning and Iroha's harmonies (Hinayukki can be a BAWS too, right?)

Duet: Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain because it's waaaaay too catchy

Trio: Platinum Romance because it's so KAWAII DESU~

Group: Either smiling because it's so motivational and has catchy music, or Crazy ∞ nighT because "I found it"

Vocaloid Cover of a Vocaloid Song: Either Iroha's Flightless Bird because of BREATHSSS and VIBRATOOO or Rin and Len's BadBye because of awsome tuning

Vocaloid Cover of a non-Vocaloid Song: Luka's TOO SHY SHY BOY because with that, I have listed every EZFG Vocaloid song!

No SeeU because most of her songs are Korean (as expected, of course).

Now, what are your favorite songs?

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