Not much Vocaloid franchise in Houston. How sad. The only Vocaloid products I've seen are the Miku and Rin & Len shirts at Hot Topic. And now I think they stopped selling them because I looked in Memorial City and Katy Mills and they aren't there :\

Now, Indonesia is a different story. Tons of Vocaloid figurines. I got a Miku HMO Nendo at a mall in Jarkata. In another mall, I saw HMO again, along with shitloads of other Nendoroids (my sister got a Luka Nendo, and I have to say it was quite KAWAII-DESU) and Figmas.

Of course, since I was in Indonesia there was a lot of CDs of Miku's concerts that may or may not have been stolen :P. But at least the Nendo's weren't bootleg, because HMO was like 50 freaking dollars and my mom had to lend me money.

But it was worth it because of all the cool stuffs that came in her box.

I want Iroha

Anyway GSC why aren't you selling Nendos and Figmas at Toys R Us because I'd certainly buy them whyy

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