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Okay, well my blogs are still short, silly and have pretty much no use and may or may not bore you. So read or don't read, I don't mind either way~~ I have little else to do~~ But tomorrow morning I shall finally be going on holiday! Been off school for a while but haven't actually gone anywhere... until now! 3 weeks away then school starts x-x"" Well either way, I'm excited! I should have internet access and my laptop so I hope I can still come on daily... That ongoing day streak thingy seems pretty amazing, especially as User:Unknown.System just got her year long award xD Congratulations~~

Well either way, holiday~ The sun, the beach, -! Wait a second.... As lovely as this is, I'll still be being dragged away from electronics most of the time x-x Stock up on all the Vocaloid songs for my iPod~! <3

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