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  • My occupation is loser
  • I am a guy... sometimes
  • Chevsapher

    I've been here for a little over a year, and in that time I've logged over 6,500 edits. I've taken breaks, but I always come back. I'm here for hours every day. I'm currently in that awkward time between high school and college, so I currently have a lot of free time. Unfortunately, there are things I need to get done that I've been putting off because I'm always thinking about what I'm going to do next here. I've always been focused that way; I think about one thing, and that's all I want to do.

    College starts at the beginning of September, and "student orientation" starts a few days before that. My twin sister and I both will be attending a junior college four and a half hours from where my folks are, so we'll be living with my mom's pare…

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  • Chevsapher

    Vocaloid on my iPod

    June 24, 2014 by Chevsapher

    I updated my iPod with all the music I've found recently. I have maybe 400 songs hanging around in my playlists on YouTube and plug.DJ, but I've given up on trying to put them all on my iPod. Especially now that Nicosound is down and getting decent-quality downloads is a pain. I try to support our producers as much as possible, so if a track is available on iTunes I'll get it that way. Thank goodness for KarenT, or I would go crazy.

    My iPod is a sexy little blue Shuffle, so it can't hold more than around 200 songs. (Not that 200 is a small number!) I originally had only Vocaloid music on my iPod, sorted alphabetically by producer (yes, I'm that organized), but I've had to split everything up to keep it manageable.

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  • Chevsapher

    I've noticed recently that there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what exactly an admin is on this wiki. Before I came here I wrote some history-related articles for Wikipedia, and I learned their policies very quickly because I had to. Wikipedia is the big mama of wikis everywhere, and Wikia largely follows Wikipedia's tried-and-true community formulas. See here.

    • User:Antonio Lopez: The user who got the wiki off the ground in 2009. Currently... he's confirmed he's not dead...
    • User:O Herman: He posted a forum thread recently, so he's alive. Otherwise, I've never seen him around, but he seems to have been active long before I got here.
    • User:Bunai82: I think you all know Bunai.
    • User:Damesukekun: This is the dude who runs the subber guides. A…

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  • Chevsapher

    I am not a weaboo.

    I am not an otaku.

    I've only seen two seasons of anime. Oh, and a Studio Ghibli movie.

    I don't read manga.

    I've never imported anything from Japan.

    I find most j-pop and k-pop annoying.

    I can't read or write Japanese.

    I've never played Touhou, Project Diva, Pokemon or Idolm@ster.

    I don't think western music is inferior to eastern music.

    I'm scared of using MikuMikuDance and UTAU.

    I don't understand why utaites are so popular.

    And yet, I am a Vocaloid fan.

    Blame the music.

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  • Chevsapher

    I've been on this wiki a lot lately. Like, A LOT. I joined less than a year ago and I'm currently #12 on the wiki leaderboard, with almost 4,000 edits. I enjoy wiki editing, and I enjoy this wiki particularly, but it's taking up a lot of my time.

    For years, the computer has been what fills up my spare moments. My first love was Neopets, then graphic design requests, then forums, and now this wiki. Recently I've had a lot more spare time. I'm homeschooled, and it's only a few months until I graduate, so we've been having a lot less schoolwork. Of course, that means I'm online even more. That's not a good thing; screens aren't healthy, and they tend to make me really grouchy. It doesn't help that I've been struggling a lot with my sexual and …

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