I've noticed recently that there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what exactly an admin is on this wiki. Before I came here I wrote some history-related articles for Wikipedia, and I learned their policies very quickly because I had to. Wikipedia is the big mama of wikis everywhere, and Wikia largely follows Wikipedia's tried-and-true community formulas. See here.

Vocaloid Wiki admins

  • User:Antonio Lopez: The user who got the wiki off the ground in 2009. Currently... he's confirmed he's not dead...
  • User:O Herman: He posted a forum thread recently, so he's alive. Otherwise, I've never seen him around, but he seems to have been active long before I got here.
  • User:Bunai82: I think you all know Bunai.
  • User:Damesukekun: This is the dude who runs the subber guides. Apparently he's also in the MMD community.
  • User:Adept-eX: Adept does a lot of work on the tutorials, song pages, and stuff related to the Spanish Vocaloids.
Main article: Vocaloid Wiki:Administrators

What admins can and can't do

Basically, admins have special powers that enable them to better serve the community. An admin can lock pages, block users, delete pages, and tweak things in the code. This is powerful stuff, and that's why not every user can do these things.

BUT. Admins are not bosses. This is not "their wiki", and they don't rule on high setting policies as they please and blocking users they get in personal squabbles with. Every wiki is a democracy. Policies are set by community majority, and the admins are there to help make sure those policies are followed. Admins are helpful users who guide the community and make sure it doesn't become a living hell. Want to read more? Please do.

This means... well, it's going to be hard to be tactful here, so poot. If you have a suggestion for the wiki, bring it up on the forums. An admin can clarify policies for you, but not say "yes I say it's okay to change every article to all caps and therefore it is." The admins also cannot make rules or make drastic changes without community input. It's happened, but it's unacceptable. For the most part, though, our admins do a good job at what they're appointed to do.


Hopefully that helped you better understand the inner working of our close-knit wiki community. Comment below, and remember, admins are yo friends.

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