Song derivatives are so fun. Covers, choruses, PVs, dances, parodies, remixes, piano arrangements! The community aspect is one of the things that makes the Vocaloid fandom wonderful. However, derivatives are scary.

What? How are they scary?

Well, I've been doing a bunch of song pages lately, and it's something I enjoy. Kinda. Well, not really, but it's nice to know that my favorite songs have pages here, and I also enjoy learning more about them. As I'm sure everyone has noticed, I'm a perfectionist, so it's physically and emotionally impossible for me to make a song page with just an infobox and lyrics. We must have albums listings! Song meanings! VocaRan info! As many external links as can be hunted down! Game appearance links! And, oh yeah, derivatives.

This is where the derivatives get scary. I automatically want to link to every decent derivative a song has. This is more than possible with obscure songs (hello (Libra and marImo), but the more popular songs almost always have boatloads of derivatives, especially if the producer released an off-vocal. Seriously, go check out Nico's derivative list for Matryoshka. And that doesn't include any of the videos from the YouTube side of the fandom. If I was to link to every decent derivative, I could probably spend the rest of my life editing Saihate alone. This means I have to be selective. But what if I miss a good dance choreography or UTAU cover? How can I find the best ones without watching every single video? How many derivatives should I list before I make myself stop? How many utaite covers are enough? Should I even list them, since there's an entire wiki for utaites?

Now you can see why I fear derivatives. =_=

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