I'm sure most of you have noticed already, but some major changes have been made to the way song articles should be structured. (See Thread:56664) There may be a few more minor changes, but I think we've finally set some good rules.

I highly recommend that everyone read the updated Song Article Guideline.

A quick run-through of big changes:

  • A new section, Other media appearances, shall be under the Derivatives section and will discuss the song's appearances in/as books, plays, concerts, manga, etc. This section will also list game appearances in a new template, {{Game list}}.
  • The article section Derivative versions is now Derivatives, because it simply makes more sense.
  • Arranging derivatives in tabs has become quite common and works extremely well, so there is now a template specifically for derivative tabs at {{Derivatives tabber}}, thanks to your resident goddess Bunai.

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