I know that she's the most popular vocaloid and all, and all the hardcore Miku fans will riot... But it just feels like it's too early. They haven't even released Kagamine Rin/Len V4X. What if what someone said about the reason that Ah Software was updating really was because V2 will stop working on new engines is true? Even though they have their append, that's still on a V2 engine....

And Wasn't Miku V3 released like... A year or two back? Her sales are fine as it is as well isn't it? What's the use of updating now of all times. Aren't they going to do something about Luka?

And finally, what we all want... CV04. How long will Crypton keep us waiting for him? I don't know... If they absolutely had to update Mikumnow I sorta wished it was just a quick update like Gakupos... Adding growl and fixing a few bugs...

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