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    Sleepless but happy

    October 13, 2013 by Chorvaqueen

    Where do I start?

    Long story short, I was making my own Leon Shimeji when I would encounter a lot of problems like the image editor crashing or me accidentally messing up a layer that I have to restart again. I gave up and just decided on a whim to look up vocaloid stuff pre-V2 with google search-fu.

    Hoo boy, I wasn't empty-handed.

    Just a few things I found so far, I have the rest but my internet's not cooperating with me right now with the uploads

    (alternating between Soundcloud and Tumblr 'coz I hit the limit)

    Lola's demo

    (this was taken down from zero-g's site as far as I know, not sure if it exists elsewhere that isn't a random mp3 web crawler)  File tags say it was made in 2003:

    A Lola Origi…

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