If anybody reads my "What's on Your Mind Today" posts, you probably will have known I have begun to take up Google+.

And I have NO IDEA why, but a lot of VOCALOID posts end up on my feed, mainly from RP accounts who are weaboo-ish and MISINFORM fans about the latest VOCALOID news.

For example, I saw a v4 flower post from a popular rp account who has three times+ more followers than I have views who said,

"This is flower's v4 design! I got the picture off the wiki, which is the only thing it's reliable for.. And guess what? Flower's now a boy! :D"

(okay so not exactly like that but pretty close)

So I replied, "No. Flower is still a girl, and the wiki is incredibly reliable. Sure it's not always 100% accurate, but you can get much information on there."

And then I became attacked and labeled as a "hater."

And people wonder why I detest "otakus" so much

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