After being in the VOCALOID fandom for a good two years or so, I believe it is finally time for me to say this.

I think I started pondering about this subject in particular after the first episode of Tianyi's anime had been released.


Well, this made me wonder; "What do you mean?"

Because back then, I knew quite a bit of VOCALOID lovers then who would've LOVED a VOCALOID with canon personality and stuff. But when I asked them about Tianyi, they were all like, "Why does she get her own personality?" and stuff.

Then after that more people began to b**** about Tianyi and her personality and anime and stuff.

That's when I realized, if it's not Big 8, fandom hates it.

Next year, 2013. YANHE came out. People then begin to b**** about her being "too much like Piko", "Sounds like Len" or even "Not cute enough. Needs to have longer hair and prettier clothes." or worse, "Looks a bit like Miku."

Hey, you got what you asked for. No personality, no backstory, no anything.

Okay, time skip a little more to this year. 2014.

Look. New VOCALOIDs popping up everywhere. Some are updates, others are brand new. Majority JPN VOCALOIDs. But people are still hating on them, even before they are released. ("Flower sounds like Len", "Kokone is nothing special", "Rana is another Miku", etc. etc.)

So now I'm wondering, what does it take to satisfy this god darn fandom?

Any inputs?

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